Our Focus

The Hadden Group's mission is to assist in building strong companies through attracting and acquiring the industry's premier talent. Your best competitive advantage is your people. The Hadden Group collaborates with businesses to help them realize their potential by identifying the talent, skills and strategies that equal sustained success. Finding the right hire can be a daunting task. We are here to help.

Our specialized team of professionals allow you to stay focused on doing what you do best: running a successful business. The Hadden Group is committed to fostering long-term relationships with its clientele and guarantees customer satisfaction. Our strategic consulting solutions provide a fresh outsider perspective and serve to optimize team building and workplace cohesion. Inefficiencies become a thing of the past when The Hadden Group reveals clear paths through your toughest business roadblocks, on time and on budget.

Specialty Areas

Accounting & Finance
Human Resources

Manufacturing & Engineering
Sales & Marketing